Consultant Q&A


How much will it cost to start up as a Noelia Consultant?


The cost of becoming a Consultant with Noelia depends on you and your budget. You can start with our start up showcase and build your stock up slowly. Or you can join with one of our larger showcases and hit the ground running. Stock sells stock. The more you have to offer the more you will sell. 


What are the benefits of becoming a Noelia Consultant?


A career as a Noelia Consultant offers all the benefits of business ownership: flexibility, variety, control and personal choice without the costly overheads. There are no pre-requisites in terms of education, experience, financial resources or age. You can own and operate your business with minimal capital outlay PLUS

  • Select the hours you wish to work
  • Earn in proportion to your own efforts
  • Work with a product you love
  • Socialise with new people

I haven't run my own business before. Do I need certain experience to own my own Noelia & Co?


There are no prerequisites in terms of age, experience, education or skills required to launch your own Noelia & Co business. All you need is a love of fashion and a desire to run your own business. All new Consultants are provided with a Consultant Guide, Booking Manual and CD, the Talk plus you will have access to our online forum.


How many hours a week do I need to work?


It is up to you. This is your business and you make the decisions and allocation of time to suit your financial needs and business goals. We recommend that you allow a minimum of 3 hours per styling session.


How soon will I get results?


The results are instant! The moment you sell one item, the profit is in your pocket. So imagine if you sold 10-20 pieces at once at a styling session?


Are there any territories?


No. Noelia & Co does not operate with territories, you can run your business within Australia without geographical restrictions.


How do I start?


First off, book four starter styling sessions. These will be your initial bookings to launch your business and are also a great way to practice, learn and refine your presentation. It is great to start with your family and friends, who will be delighted to support your new business and enjoy the Hostess discounts! You can also hold your own in home launch party where you can invite friends over to view the range and your new business.


How do I Join Noelia & CO


Contact your Noelia Consultant and start the enrolment process. You can also fill out the enquiry form below or contact Noelia & Co Head Office for more details on:


Phone: 0433 555912  Email:

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