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Noelia is so much more than a fashion brand - we're a company inspired by, and created for, strong, savvy women from all walks of life.


When you join us, we'll be standing by with all the training tools and support you need to create a thriving business of your very own.


You will be connected to our Facebook Consultant forum. We will help you create your own professional Facebook page where you can create an online business that will help you book styling sessions and advertise and sell products outside of styling sessions.


You will be supplied with a “booking” manual and a Consultant guide. You will have access to marketing material to help you build your business to its full potential.


Starting is easy, you can choose one of our showcases below or you can make an appointment to personally shop the collection at our Showroom in Hampton.


Each Showcase is complete with a range of our top selling jewellery, display busts, marketing material and tools that will get you started and assist you in growing your business.




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Showcase 1 - $132.50 (Value $318)
Showcase 2 - $404 (Value $825)